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Scope and Objectives of CCV

The Centre envision certain objectives:

  • Promoting research and action in disciplines of criminology, criminal justice and victimology. 

  • To undertake specific research projects and also provide consultancy by way of introducing legal start-ups and encouraging collaborations.

  • To impart basic awareness and education by way of initiating diploma and certificate courses and also organize student centric initiatives in the form of victim advocacy, legal clinic and outreach programme for extending victim support service. 

  • To make recommendations on simplifying investigative procedures, practices and making the delivery of justice to the common man, expeditious, understandable, uncomplicated and inexpensive.

  • To propose training programmes to various law enforcement agencies from the view point of victim protection, rehabilitation, participation and justice. 

  • To undertake publications and coordinate with various national and international agencies working in the broader areas of criminology, criminal justice and victimology.

  • To analyse legislations and decisions to resonate with the underlying jurisprudence and also make a comparative study to reinstate a suitable victim-centric model of justice.

  • The Proposed Activities under the Centre are as follows:

  • Training programmes and courses particularly designed for Police officers, Public Prosecutors, Lawyers, Prison personnel and other functionaries. Also, to initiate an accreditation course on victim advocacy.

  • Organizing Workshops, seminars and conferences for law enforcement agencies to understand management and dealing with accused as well as victim at pre-trial, trial and post-trial stages.

  • Setting up of a dedicated victim advocacy clinic in the University to provide support to victims in need of assistance during criminal justice processes.

  • Undertaking research projects and making policy recommendations to the Central and State governments for modifications/amendments in law.

  • To launch a periodic journal and other forms of publications which will not only provide a platform for expression but also form the repository of data and content related to criminology, criminal justice and victimology. 

  • To organize lecture series/ panel discussion in the field of criminology, criminal justice and victimology and to conduct symposium on victim advocacy.

  • To call for internships and volunteers as per the requirement depending on the nature of work that the Centre undertakes.

  • Apart from the above-mentioned activities, the Centre may also pursue regular academic engagements/activitiesto encourage active participation by students and faculty. 

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